LOST ARK Massive PVP | Guild War: Conquest Mode Highlights - ⚔534+ Soul Master

Интересно, против них совсем слабые ребята.
На 16 человек есть видео?


✎ None of the voices are mine, Devil Hunter do the calls for our party. Build here: https://imgur.com/a/ZOWSuWy
★ New Guild Contents: "Battlefield of Sylmael" put guilds against each others, fighting in a big arena with different modes. In Conquest Mode, each players have to elinimate their opponents and claim Sylmael in the center and fragments of Sylmael at the top & bottom lanes to get points.

• The Battlefield also provides potent buffs to improve their combat efficiency during the guilds clashes.

• About the black bars, I was using forced 21:9 screen for better POV as i will be sniping alot as Soul Master.

✦ If you are interested in the game, find help on the English Discord: http://www.discord.gg/lostark
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